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theme 3 ( Light )

It is the absence of, or even the inability to process light that keeps us from seeing. When light is harnessed properly it can be used as an energy source. But there is a light that also seems to be in us all. This particular light seems to come in different intensities and also what seem to be different characteristics. Did we all have this light in us when we came into this world? Was it the same light, and somehow through life’s trials and triumphs become filtered or purified? Or do some of us have an interrupted light connection?


I could write about Love forever I think. Love is patient and kind. Love does not boast or look for compliments. Love never holds a grudge. And I have even read that the greatest action towards Love is one who would lay down his life for another. If these descriptions of Love are accurate then I believe that it is through the greatest tests and trials of life that measure a person’s capacity to Love. Many people can Love through the great times in life. It is however something different to Love consistently

This is an introduction to the one hundred theme challenge. One can only use one hundred words for every theme, no more no less. As I look over the themes that are selected in this challenge I can see some possibilities for some creative writing and thinking. While this very first theme will be quite difficult to write about using one hundred words, as it is not nearly as interesting as the other themes. I believe that I will be more challenged by the other themes by not going over one hundred words.

Not Right

PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia police are investigating the beating death of a man during a melee outside the Philadelphia Phillies’ ballpark.
It was one of five murders in the city overnight.
Police say a group from a bachelor party got into a fight with other patrons at McFaddens Restaurant in the Citizens Bank Park complex. The trouble started at about 7 p.m. during the closing innings of Saturday night’s Phillies-Cardinals game.

The groups were told to leave the bar and the dispute, which involved as many as 30 people, moved outside to a parking lot near the ballpark. Police say 22-year-old David Sale of Lansdale was assaulted there and taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was pronounced dead.

When one hears or sees an arcticle like this some may feel a certain degree of sorrow . However It is not nearly of course as much as those who are directly involved . He was some ones son , some ones  boy friend , he was a brother , and friend to many Im sure .
I know his father . I was speaking with someone , and they told me they were on the phone with the Father when he got the news of his sons death from the doctor . There isnt and actor in any time or place that can portray the pain that is felt of a father that has a son taken from him . It feels like his future has been stolen , a legacy lost  .  To say he feels cheated is probably a gross understatement .

The jewel

The Jewel

You know sometimes life throw’s you a nice surprise . It’s not a surprise that makes ya do a 180,  or makes ya re think your life , or even makes ya think o my gosh this is it .

Its a surprise that makes you believe in things again . It causes you to remember those past conviction that you have long since forgotten and now have found their way back into your heart .

I have a strong faith In God that will never change . However , my faith in some of the things he has taught me has swayed from time to time .

Well I was given such a surprise . As life was seeming much harder than it had to be . It seemed there were forces out of my control pressing on my shoulders , and kicking at the back of my knees . As tears would fall more and more as I got closer and closer to my bed in the mud as it were . I catch a glimpse of something . Of course the only way to really find out what it is at this point is to get a closer look . To get my face in the mud . Of course I fight wondering if my curiosities will just cause more pain .

These forces however , keep pressing in .

The only thing left to do is hold on to what Ive found , no matter what it is . As I clear the mud from my eyes , and look at what I have found . I smile .

I lay there in the mud with brown tears of pain falling to the ground , and I smile . I have found a jewel . I think of how many people could have possibly come this same way and did not find what I have found .

Well this is me from time to time . Yes I find my self wallowoing in the preverbial mud that some of us get stuck in . But I found something that I did not know I needed . This jewel was meant for me . I would hold onto it .

So If I had just been looking for something beautiful in the firstplace instead of looking to fullfill myself . I might have not had to have my face in the mud .

Ill understand If no one understands this . But someone might

Did you ever believe in something so much , so feircely that it did’nt matter  if you were livin under a bridge . As long as you were doin that one thing you knew you would be ok , that God would take care of any need you had .

Ive been there . I stil am in a way . With out tellin ya what it was I believed or what I believe now I’m gonna try to comunicate what that was like for me . What I believe will be set aside for another blog .

Ther is just something about knowing that you were meant for a purpose . It drives you , it keeps you searching . But when you find out what that purpose is , well thats an entirely different issue . All of the sudden you are focused . However , in my case I was focused on one thing and one thing only . Things that used to matter did not matter any more . I was so driven towards a goal that everything I loved the most was instantly taken for granted .

There was something very different about me chasing my dream . While others seemed so happy that they finally made it to their goal . I on the other hand had never been so miserable in my life than when I persued my dream , my vision , my purpose . I hated myself more and more everyday . Id go months without even knowing what i looked like , because I did’nt care . I know many have felt this way . But have they felt this horrible persuing something that they use to love?

These days I really dont have a desire to persue a dream . Not necessarily because I am afraid , but because I have no dreams left . I have done everything Ive ever wanted to do . I am a 33 year old man what do I do with the rest of my life .

Well Its time for new dreams . Maybe a dream of settling down? O yeh that could be nice . And I dont mean a family necessarily . I mean to just slow it down a notch and focus on the things that truly bring joy , and Love into my life .

I’ll leave with this .

I’ve never been happier not doing the one thing I’ve always wanted to do .


Well this is my first Blog here :

It’s been a while since I’ve said something nice

And there is nothing worse than saying something twice

So I’ve been thinking of what I could say

As I continue working through the day

Then it came to me , a poem would be great

If I could only rhyme , and my thoughts be straight

I think to myself , and wonder how you feel

But I want to say it so it is real

I do not know you well , but I know what is good

I sometimes wonder if I feel better than I should

So I write you this poem , very simple that much I know

As I sit and smile watching some new fallen snow

All that I ask is that you never give up

Because there is some one out there who can’t get enough

Your charm , your witt , your words full of colour

It is easy to see the attraction …… the allure

Please dont take this wrong I would never assume

I just want you to know I appriciate you

So as you go through your day I hope you can smile

Because you bring a little joy that I’ve needed for a while

Thank You again . I hope this makes your beautiful day seem a little happier